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    Coriolis flow measurement device

Micro Motion F-Series Compact, Drainable Coriolis Flow and Density Meters


  • Product code: F-CL[050001]
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  • Producer: Emerson/Rosemount™

Product details


  • Achieve highly accurate mass volume flow and density measurement in applications that require a compact, drainable design
  • Choose from 316L Stainless Steel and C-22 nickel alloy in all sizes
  • Improve measurement and tracking with extensive process and meter diagnostics with on-board historian and logging
  • Broad range of meter approvals and certifications, including CSA (Class 1 Div 1 groups C and D, Class 1 Div 2 groups A, B, C and D, Class II Div 1 groups E, F and G), ATEX, NEPSI, IECEx, Ingress Protection 66/67, PED, SIL2 and SIL3, and NAMUR
  • Custody Transfer Approvals from MID OIML R 117, National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP), Measurement Canada, and INMETRO Brazil
  • Realize the fastest response rates and accurate batch and process measurement with unmatched MVD transmitter technology
  • Gain real-time and in-process measurement integrity assurance with Smart Meter Verification


Delivering highly reliable and robust measurement, F-Series flow meters are the preferred choice for process control applications. Choose these smart meters to more efficiently run your process and resolve your toughest productivity challenges

For the environment Conductive + non-conductive liquid; Gas, Air, can measure Steam and high viscosity liquids.
Measurement principle Force Coriolis
Liquid Accuracy / Repeatability Up to ±0.1% of rate ( ±0.05% of rate)
Gas Accuracy / Repeatability Up to ±0.5% of rate ( ±0.25% of rate)
Density Accuracy / Repeatability Up to ±0.0005 g/cm3 ( ±0.0002 g/cm3)
Line Size 1/4" (DN6) - 3" (DN80)
Pressure Range Up to 6250 psig (430 barg)
Temperature Range -148 °F to 662 °F (-100 °C to 350 °C)
Electronics Expansive I/O options including mA, Frequency, Discrete, HART, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, FOUNDATION Fieldbus
Download catalogue https://www.emerson.com/documents/automation/brochure-smart-meter-verification-micro-motion-en-66146.pdf